3.1.1 wrong transfer of app packages using --backup

Robert DuToit rdutoit at comcast.net
Mon Jan 19 10:54:51 MST 2015

Hi Again,

Update : I have spent some hours trying to track down where this happens, mostly in backup.c.

This just seems to concern any files which are .app or .nib or .rtfd as they are packages and act like directories. As below, 3.0.9 does not try to copy these at all.

This only happens when there is no source file present on destination. It then sends the app package folder to the backup_Dir which is corrupted since it contains nothing inside.

It seems that it is making the backup directories for the .app package and also the .nib files inside. This means it is corrupted on first pass and if copying many files there can be many of these corrupts in backup_Dir which is not great.

So I am trying to find where in backup.c (or maybe rsync.c) this decision is being made. Probably somewhere between  validate_backup_dir and copy_valid_path. My C skills aren’t that great so following this path is difficult.

Thanks,  Rob

On Jan 16, 2015, at 9:41 AM, Robert DuToit <rdutoit at comcast.net> wrote:

> Dear All,
> I have been seeing some strange behavior using rsync 3.1.1 on OSX with the 3 standard patches applied when using the --backup and --backup-Dir options.
> This works as expected on 3.0.9, moving any files on dest that are not on source to the backup folder. If no changes then the backup folder is not even created.
> -aHAXN --fileflags --force-change --protect-decmpfs —delete --backup --backup-dir=BL_Archive --stats —progress -vvv
> on 3.1.1 , where dest and source are already  in sync, any apps and rtfd files (both are “packages” of other files) on the dest are replicated in the backup folder. They aren’t removed from the dest. They have a cross through them (corrupted) and I noticed that not all the files within these corrupted apps are present, mostly nib files, frameworks etc..
> Anyone else experience this?
> I ran with verbose but the only references to the backup folder are setting uids on that backup folder. It is created early on in the output.
> Created backup_dir BL_Archive/
> set uid of BL_Archive/testfolder from 0 to 501
> set uid of BL_Archive/testfolder/AppKiDo.app from 0 to 501
> set uid of BL_Archive/testfolder/AppKiDo.app/Contents from 0 to 501
> set uid of BL_Archive/testfolder/AppKiDo.app/Contents/MacOS from 0 to 501
> Thanks,  Rob
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