Preserve ACLs Changing Group. File Cannot Be Opened on Destination

Claus, Andrew claus.a at
Wed Feb 18 13:10:47 MST 2015

When using the following to keep duplicate files on multiple computers, I find some files have their ACLs changed and cannot then be opened.

I am using the following command. My goal is to be able to read/write/edit any local or remote file from any machine. Until recently this worked just fine, but now some files cannot be opened once rsync'd.

rsync -avzh --progress --delete --super -A --exclude='~$*'  '/cygdrive/d/claus.a' /cygdrive/x

D is the drive on the remote computer I am currently using, X is its mirror on another remote computer.

When RSYNC'ing I get the following for the files that will not open, after it shows the file transfers:
rsync: set_acl: sys_acl_set_file(claus.a/.rsync commands.txt.1BY2xz, ACL_TYPE_ACCESS): Invalid argument (22)
rsync: set_acl: sys_acl_set_file(claus.a/.test.txt.CA1No2, ACL_TYPE_ACCESS): Invalid argument (22)

On the source machine, the ACLs for files that open and don't open once RSYNC'd are identical.
# owner: claus.a (or Administrators in some cases, but files with both owners work & fail)
# group: Domain Usersge
group:Authenticated Users:rwx

However, once RYSNC'd the failing files get "group::rwx". This seems to cause the failure to open.
All files (work or fail) lose the entire "group:root:rwx" ACL, but this seems to have no impact.

Removing the new ACL with setfacl -m g::--- solves my problem, but this is not a long term solution.

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