great feature idea (well, hopefully)

Joe josephj at
Thu Feb 12 01:20:27 MST 2015

I haven't used it yet, but take a look at --fuzzy specified once or
twice. I think it does what you want or at least something very similar.


On 02/11/2015 09:03 AM, QUBE RUBBIK wrote:
> Hello
> I was just thinking about a killer feature for rsync, the ability to
> detect files name changes or move within the source and destination.
> At this time rsync has to re-transfer a file if it has been renamed or
> moved inside a subfolder, with a heavy waste of ressources and bandwidth.
> It could be smarter :
> with a --smart switch, rsync could take a hash of every file within
> the source and destination BEFORE TRANSFERING,
> then for existing (matching hash) files, it only needs to alter
> metadata (name, location, chmod etc...) saving plenty of bandwidth
> Okay destination has to handle this, I expect the rsync daemon has to
> handle server side file hashing.
> We would have a clever tool to replicate data who only been
> reorganised with no changes on the files themselves.
> No need to resync the whole structure if you added a dir in the path,
> or someone renamed this particular heavy file
> this may save big data on automatic backups, ftp mirrors etc...
> What do you think about it?
> --smart ?

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