[Bug 11656] Escaping broken with --files-from

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Wed Dec 30 22:41:47 UTC 2015


--- Comment #2 from Gennady Uraltsev <gennady.uraltsev+bugs at gmail.com> ---
Actually this doesn't help.

$ mkdir src; mkdir dst; touch src/"$(echo -e 'foo\nbar')"

$ rsync -n --out-format='%n' src/* dst/| tr '\n' '\0' | rsync -v --from0
--files-from=- src/ dst

still fails completely. The problem is that the escaped string 
foo\#012bar gets all mangled up. So I think that --from0 doesn't exactly solve
the problem. 

The only way to solve the problem is

$ rsync -n --out-format='%n' src/* dst/| tr '\n' '\0'| sed 's/\\#012/\n/' |
rsync -v --from0 --files-from=- src/ dst

but maybe we could agree that this is needlessly complicated. A more consistent
way of dealing with this would be great especially bearing in mind that this
failure is not documented... 

Finally it is still completely unexpected that 
gets changed into 

Anyway the problem with space delimited strings is more as follows. Immagine I
want to parse the log file generated with --out-format='%n %h %M %C'  in a
reliable way by some external program. Without consistent and documented
escaping there seems no way to do this.

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