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> First, let me state the obvious. It looks like your code is executing rsync in a bash one liner once for each file that find returns. That's not cool! And it's almost definitely not what you wanted to do.

It is perfect;y acceptable and definitely ‘cool’. This gives me stats on each file, which is what I want.

> Among other things, that means that bash is seeing all those embedded blanks and the parentheses in your file names and getting upset because blanks delimit arguments and parentheses are used for a number of syntactically meaningful things.

That does not explain why bash is perfectly happy with the command line if it is a locally mounted disk (the same disk, in fact). Despite the error, this is not a bash problem.

> So, at a minimum, you need to escape/quote *both* of your file references {} - not just the one.

Find’s {} is escaped, just doesn’t seem to be escaped properly via ssh/rysnc.

As I said, this works:

find . -type f -atime -1 -exec rsync -aP {} /Drive5/{}

This fails if there are ()’s in the file name.

find . -type f -atime -1 -exec rsync -aP {}{}

> But the real issue is that you should probably let find put all the resulting file names into a file or pipe and send that to rsync once using something like
>           --files-from=FILE       read list of source-file names from FILE
> where you should be able to use "-" as the file name so it uses the output of the find command as input to rsync.

Hmm. Maybe. I’ll play with that.

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