Options for a "I'm done" flag file

Michael Johnson - MJ mj at revmj.com
Tue Apr 28 04:56:50 MDT 2015

rsync -av /src/ /dst/ && touch /dst/done

That should do it as the touch only happens if rsync exits with a code of
0.  If you need to consider other non zero exit code, it is still doable,
just a bit more shell code.

There are surely other options as well, but this is probably the most
On Apr 28, 2015 3:47 AM, "Simon Hobson" <linux at thehobsons.co.uk> wrote:

> As part of my backup system, I use Rsync to keep a copy of each server on
> one central backup server. This backup server then uses StoreBackup to keep
> multiple iterations of each clone directory.
> So that the StoreBackup archives don't keep adding "redundant" and
> misleading backups, I update a flag file with the current date/time before
> doing the Rsync update, and test to see if this file is newer than the one
> in the latest StoreBackup backup. If it isn't, then I skip the StoreBackup
> for that server.
> The end result is that if a system is down or out of communication (one or
> two are at sites that can be offline for days), then the list of backups in
> StoreBackup will reflect that. Eg, if the system did a sync on the 1st, but
> not on 2nd - 5th, then there will be no backups for 2nd-5th, and when
> looking later I won't be "fooled" into thinking that I have a backup from
> (say) the 4th.
> Where this breaks down is if the sync fails part way through. The flag
> file has already been synced, so I have multiple backups which aren't
> actually complete.
> I actually have this at the moment. Just put a small system on a customer
> site, it has a database that creates 1GB journal files (not that it handles
> anything like that volume of data), and at the moment their connectivity is
> a bit flakey.
> My first thought was "do the flag file last", but a quick search confirms
> what I thought - that there isn't an option for this.
> So, does anyone have any suggestions how I might reasonably easily get the
> ability for my script to see if the previous sync completed ?
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