The easiest way to restore timestamps of files?

Frantisek Hanzlik franta at
Sun Apr 26 16:08:27 MDT 2015

Please, is possible (with rsync) re-create files timestamps?
I mean something like choosing a "-T" in the program mirror- from
it's man page e.g. there:

"Do not do any file transfers just force the time-stamps of any local
files to be reset to be the same as the remote files. Normally only
used when initialising a mirror that already contains files retrieved
another way (e.g. from CDROM)."

This is the situation I have encountered several times - I have local
files which was downloaded from internet archive via FTP or obtained
somehow, these files have bad timestamp, and now I want use rsync for
their synchronization with the remote rsync server and also correct
their bad timestamp - of course without re-downloading. Is it possible?
Thanks in advance, Franta Hanzlik

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