Changing only file permissions

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Tue Apr 21 23:59:16 MDT 2015

On Wed, Apr 22, 2015 at 1:03 AM, James Moe <jimoe at> wrote:
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> Hello,
>   opensuse 13.2
>   linux v3.16.7-7-desktop x86_64
>   rsync v3.1.1
>   I used rsync to copy /usr/ to another volume with these options:
> - --recursive --one-file-system --links --stats --itemize-changes
> - --quiet --delete --times
> After I had modified the system to use the new /usr volume, I realized
> I should have added:
> - --perms --owner --group --executability
>   So the target volume has everything set as "root root", and useful
> bits like the SetUID mode are missing.
>   Is there a way to use rsync to restore only the
> permissions/owner/user and mode flags on the target volume from the
> source volume?

*If* their sizes and times match, then I believe rsync does only the
permissions/etc. changes with the -a option.
However, I got into the tendency when doing these type of things, to
use the -c/--checksum option, that way rsync makes sure the files
haven't changed and will copy/update/etc.

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