Can I let rsync only transer a part of file within specific byte ranges?

Ken Chase rsync-list-m829 at
Wed Apr 15 09:30:24 MDT 2015

rsync doesnt do that....

why not use a range get with http server and wget client, or just ssh

ssh remotehost 'dd if=file bs=500 count=1' > file ?


On Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 11:02:36AM +0000, Hongyi Zhao said:
  >Hi all,
  >Suppose I have a file on the remote rsync server:
  >And I want to only retrieve a part of the file based a ranges of bytes to 
  >my local host, say, 0-499, means only transfer the first 500 bytes of 
  >that file.
  >Is this possible with rsync client? 
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