timeout not working.

Tim Dickson dickson.tim at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 14 04:35:41 MDT 2015

I am rsyncing to data from one machine (Server) running rsync --deamon 
(from inetd) to another (client) using
  /usr/bin/rsync -azq --delete --timeout=60 --contimeout=60 
"" "/data/data/"
on the client which works well as you would expect (takes about 34secs 
with no changes).
however, if I disconnect the (dedicated) net cable between the machines 
mid sync, rsync does not quit after 60seconds as expected. 2 hours later 
it is still not quitting.
I can reliably repeat this behaviour. just start a sync, and unplug the 
net cable after a few seconds.
i'm running rsync 3.1.0 on both ends (on slackware 14.1 64bit) (3.1.1 is 
not yet available for slackware)
any suggestions appreciated, thanks

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