How to discern when like dir names exist in 2 places

Kevin Korb kmk at
Mon Apr 13 10:59:07 MDT 2015

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Hmmm,  according to my interpretation of the man page (I am on 3.1.1)
that is supposed to work however when I test using the "-/
/etc/passwd" example the / seems to have the same effect as commenting
the line.  I get /etc/passwd copied whether the source is / or /etc.

Am I completely misunderstanding what the man page is telling me this
syntax does?

On 04/13/2015 12:44 PM, Harry Putnam wrote:
> Kevin Korb <kmk at> writes:
>> -/ /var/apache2/*
> Thanks for the input, but unless I'm doing something else screwy,
> that does not appear to work here.
> I put your line verbatim into my exlcude file (near the top)
> /pkg/* /sadm/* /cache/* /opt/csw/cache/* -/ /var/apache2/* /tmp/* 
> -------       -------       ---=---       -------       -------
> My actual task here is an rsnapshot run that collects files
> Here      /var/ and here  /etc/ (a few other places as well as
> well)
> But as you probably know its really a pair of rsync runs that 
> occur.
> To reiterate, my goal was to collect files at `/etc/apache2/' but
> not at `/var/apache2'
> (These are just typical of what I want to do in several places.)
> Adding that line verbatim did not have the effect I'm after.

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