Downloading a great number of files from different rsync servers for good loadbalancing and high efficiency.

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Sat Apr 4 02:20:33 MDT 2015

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Hongyi Zhao <hongyi.zhao at> wrote:

> I'm using Debian, I want to make a local repository which can let me
> install packages more conveniently.

Your solution will not work for mirroring debian since it does
not do a 2-stage mirroring process.  This is
described in:

Further, your solution is a bad idea for many reasons.  If
you want to know more about this I suggest asking on
the Debian mailing lists or on the #debian irc
channel on

Better would be to use the Debian recommended ftpsync
script.  This can be found at:
The instructions are at:

The Debian people know how to best mirror Debian.
Best to follow their guidance.  Depending on
your purposes you might not even want a mirror,
you might be better served with a cache.
Again, ask the Debian people for guidance.


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