Preserve ZFS ACLs when syncing to Linux (ext4)

Andrew Martin amartin at
Fri Sep 26 16:13:51 MDT 2014

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> Sent: Thursday, September 25, 2014 11:20:14 AM
> Subject: Re: Preserve ZFS ACLs when syncing to Linux (ext4)
> Hi,
> Please keep the discussion on the list. Others might benefit.
> > Thanks for the information! Do you have a copy of the patch you applied
> > to rsync's xattrs.c to enable copying the system-acls?
> Please see attachment.
> > I would prefer to run rsync over SSH because if I run it over NFS I lose
> > the advantage of being able to perform partial file transfers to reduce
> > network traffic and increase performance. If I patched rsync on both
> > the Solaris (source) and Linux (destination) systems, do you think this
> > would still work?
> No. I do not think Solaris exposes the ACL as an extended attribute. If
> it does, the data-format would most likely be different. This is the
> reason that rsync normally does not copy system-attributes.


Thanks for the patch, I'll give this a try and let you know if I have any


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