Preserve ZFS ACLs when syncing to Linux (ext4)

Andrew Martin amartin at
Wed Sep 24 15:51:33 MDT 2014

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> You only want --fake-super on the writing end so drop the
> - --remote-option=--fake-super.  You would use that if you were pushing
> instead of pulling.
> As far as the ZFS specific stuff goes I am not sure (I use ZFS on my
> backups and ext4 on my servers so I am the exact opposite here) so be
> sure to try a backup and restore to make sure it gets everything.

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately syncing from the remote Solaris
system to the local linux system with just --fake-super and then from
the local linux system back to the remote Solaris system with just
--remote-option=--fake-super did not seem to restore the ACLs on the
remote Solaris system; it appears to have inherited the default ACLs
set on the share. Note that I did receive one error:
rsync: rsync_xal_set: lsetxattr(""/export/test/.$EXTEND/.$QUOTA.O2aqS3"","SUNWsmb:$Q:$INDEX_ALLOCATION") failed: Bad file number (9)

Is there a way I can verify that this extra metadata is being saved
on the local Linux copy?



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