Preserve ZFS ACLs when syncing to Linux (ext4)

Andrew Martin amartin at
Wed Sep 24 14:53:15 MDT 2014


I am using rsync 3.1.0 on Solaris 11 and Ubuntu 14.04. I would like to be able to preserve ZFS (aka NFSv4) ACLs that are set on a ZFS filesystem on a Solaris system when rsyncing to a Linux (ext4) backup server. I know that ext4 does not support RichACLs, but I believe rsync has the ability to store this extra data and then restore it if synced back to a filesystem that knows how to use it? Testing thus far I have used these options, but ACLs do not appear to be preserved when I sync them back to the ZFS filesystem on Solaris:
rsync -av --xattrs --acls --remote-option=--fake-super --fake-super root at solaris:/export/share /path/to/local/ext4/dir

Is this possible?


Andrew Martin

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