rsync with 8bit file names?

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Fri Sep 12 03:04:54 MDT 2014

> On 11 Sep 2014, at 19:31 , Henri Shustak <henri.shustak at> wrote:
> Hello,
> Is the source Drobo a NAS or DAS unit? 

Drobo 5N NAS.

> Also, I am guessing that the /Volumes/TV is the source for the rsync. Is it possible that the file has actually moved or been renamed?

No, the file is there.

> If the Drobo (hosted) volume is the source for the rsync command, then perhaps checking the file system format of that device is also worth while?

I am running rising on my Mac which has the Drobo’s TV share mounted at /Volumes/TV

> I would suggest you consider compiling a recent version of rsync for your system. This should be quite straight forward on 10.10 (beta release). However, I must admit I have yet to try compiling rsync on 10.10 :

I installed rsync 3.1.1 and had the same result.

> Finally, what is the actual command you are running. This information may shed some light on why the command is failing.

rysnc -aP --exclude=“.*” /Volumes/TV /Volumes/VAULT

(where VAULT is a desktop HFS+J volume)

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