[Bug 10857] weirdly named files fail remotely

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Sat Oct 18 11:56:26 MDT 2014


--- Comment #5 from Wayne Davison <wayned at samba.org> ---
If rsync begins quoting remote args, it would make assumptions about what needs
to be quoted and its rules for quoting things.  There is also a historical use
of arg-splitting that was primarily used on the source side, e.g. "rsync -a
host:"file1 file2" /dest/" that has been replaced by "rsync -a
host:{file1,file2} /dest/" (which results in 2 host:file* args).

If we assume that enough time has passed to discard the backward compatibility
issue, the more proper solution is to avoid sending such args to the remote
shell in the first place, and that is what --protect-args does.  So, the really
we should just make --protect-args the default (forcing users interacting with
older rsync versions to specify --no-s when they get an option error).  This is
certainly what I have done for years now, and is probably what I should go
ahead and make the default in an upcoming configure.

Folks can also affect their own rsync use by putting "export
RSYNC_PROTECT_ARGS=1" in their environment, perhaps even in an
/etc/profile.d/rsync.sh file.  We can at the very least make this clearer in
the manpage.

As for this:

    find . -type f -print0 | parallel -0 rsync {} remote:backup/{}

The better way to do that is to specify -R (and -a) and omit the second {}
(especially since the original way can fail if the destination dir doesn't
exist).  FYI.

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