[Bug 10857] weirdly named files fail remotely

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Sun Oct 12 09:07:06 MDT 2014


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I understand what is happening and I know the workarounds for the bug - that is
not the issue.

Why is it that rsync prefers having a syntax, where if I transfer the file
locally I need to write something, but if I transfer the file remotely I need
to write something completely different?

Can you elaborate what situations this behaviour is beneficial and what would
break if this was changed to being able to write the same name whether the
transfer was local or remote?

I discovered the problem when writing a script, and I find it surprising that
you prefer, that I deal with the quoting in my script if and only if the
transfer is remote; instead of having rsync Do The Right Thing(TM) by default.

There may be situations where the current behaviour is preferable that I am
unaware of, and it would be great if you could describe those.

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