rsync filter parameter in rsyncd.conf file

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Wed Oct 8 20:29:59 MDT 2014

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The server has no idea what file the client is sending it (even if it
did the client would be free to lie).  The server only knows what file
the client is asking to change/create/delete on the server.

You can certainly confine the client to the /n2p/cfg directory through
rsyncd.conf or rrsync but you can't really control what the client
intends to put there.

filter/include/exclude in rsyncd.conf only controls what files on the
server a client can access.

On 10/08/2014 10:15 PM, Romel Khan wrote:
> I would like to push a file, /home/cfg/temp, from client to a
> server with rsync in daemon mode to /n2p/cfg directory. How should
> I set the filter/include/exclude parameters on the server side
> rsyncd.conf file so server will disallow receiving any files from
> the client other than /home/cfg/temp?

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