Rsync keeps copying everything to the server

Kevin Korb kmk at
Wed Oct 1 20:16:54 MDT 2014

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You really won't know anything until you get the itemize output.  But
in the end, if rsync isn't doing the networking then it isn't any
better than cp -au.  In fact it is significantly slower.  And that is
when you aren't stuck Cygwin.

On 10/01/2014 09:54 PM, at wrote:
> Do i need to have a rsync server to make this work? Honestly i was
> thinking it was the easiest way to use rsync in my environment. The
> purpose is to make a backup to the v:\ drive on a Windows server
> from my documents during the logoff time. The issue is I can not
> install anything on the server because corporate policies. Any
> advice? You have more experience maybe can Share good options to
> make this implementation. Thanks in Advance
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> El 01/10/2014, a las 07:58 p.m., Kevin Korb <kmk at>
> escribió:
> That doesn't matter.  You are talking to it as a local path (what 
> network mounting does).  Therefore you are stuck in --whole-file.
> If whatever you are rsyncing to supports either rsync over ssh or 
> straight rsync then you can use user at host:/path or host::module 
> instead of the local network mount path.
> On 10/01/2014 08:56 PM, at wrote:
>>>> One is local, the other is a network drive
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>>>> El 01/10/2014, a las 07:15 p.m., Kevin Korb
>>>> <kmk at> escribió:
>>>> --itemize-changes will tell you the why.  The fact that both
>>>> of your paths are local is why you are stuck with
>>>> --whole-file.
>>>> On 10/01/2014 08:14 PM, Juan Carlos Valle Sandoval wrote:
>>>>>>> Hi mates
>>>>>>> I am running this command and rsync keeps copying all
>>>>>>> the files to the server. Any reason why? It supposed to
>>>>>>> copy only those files with have been modified and just
>>>>>>> copy the difference.
>>>>>>> Thanks for your advice
>>>>>>> rsync.exe -av --progress 
>>>>>>> --log-file=/cygdrive/v/notes/archive/RSyncLogFile.txt 
>>>>>>> /cygdrive/d/%username%/notes/archive
>>>>>>> /cygdrive/v/notes/
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