[Bug 10951] Emtpy parameter triggers unwanted behavior, but no error message

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Thu Nov 27 11:35:11 MST 2014


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--- Comment #2 from Wayne Davison <wayned at samba.org> ---
Since the command-line you mentioned is completely valid, there's no error for
rsync to complain about.  Your args specified "--exclude --exclude" (so that it
won't transfer a file named "--exclude") and then specified "/mnt" as a source
or destination arg (depending on where it appears in the list of args).

One thing you could possibly do to make the arg parsing stricter is to "export
POSIXLY_CORRECT=1" in the environment.  That makes popt stop parsing options at
the first non-option it finds, so something like "--exclude --exclude /mnt
--del /src/ /dest/" would at least complain about the file "--del" not existing
while it was copying /mnt and /src/ to /dest (though it doesn't stop the
copying from happening).

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