[Bug 8856] --hard-links does not handle hard-linked symlinks correctly on FreeBSD

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Mon Nov 17 03:32:00 MST 2014


--- Comment #8 from sylvain at ilm-informatique.fr ---
To expand on the previous post : POSIX previously mandated that link() resolve
the target (as FreeBSD does), but some systems (including Linux) did not. So in
the last standard linkat() was added (with a new parameter) to disambiguate. So
if linkat() is available it should be used, it's available at least on FreeBSD
>= 8.0 (released 23 July 2010) and on Linux >= 2.6.18 (released 20 September
2006) and glibc >= 2.4.


I've patched configure.ac and syscall.c of rsync 3.1.1 to use linkat() on my
FreeBSD 9.1 system and I haven't have any problems (including with dry run,
contrary to the previous post).

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