Using --fuzzy

Joe josephj at
Sun Nov 16 17:58:26 MST 2014

Great idea which I will keep in mind for other cases!

In this case, however, the backups are on separate partitions on
external USB drives (I have a notebook), so hard links won't work.


On 11/16/2014 07:38 PM, Karl O. Pinc wrote:
> On 11/16/2014 03:53:12 PM, Joe wrote:
>> I have a lot of files (and directories) (up to a few hundred at a
>> time)
>> that I get from various sources. Some time after I get them (after
>> they
>> are already backed up), I often have to move them around and 
>> normalize
>> their names.
>> When I do this, rsync sees them as unrelated to the copies of these
>> files which are already on the backup destination. 
> I don't know if it suits your use case but
> you could consider using hardlinks.
> If, instead of moving the files, you hardlinked them
> then rsync with -H would see the files as being the same.
> (Hardlinking can only be done within a filesystem.)
> Then you'd have to delete the original filenames and
> rsync again.
> This is only practicable if it's easy to delete
> the old filenames, say, if all the new files
> arrive in a single directory that can later
> be deleted.
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