Using --fuzzy

Joe josephj at
Sun Nov 16 14:53:12 MST 2014

I have a lot of files (and directories) (up to a few hundred at a time)
that I get from various sources. Some time after I get them (after they
are already backed up), I often have to move them around and normalize
their names.

When I do this, rsync sees them as unrelated to the copies of these
files which are already on the backup destination. When I can't use the
--delete option for various reasons, this causes multiple copies of the
files to be saved in the backup destination.

I see that there is a --fuzzy option which, specified twice, may address
this issue.

Is there a tutorial or howto that addresses this so I can better
understand it before I start experimenting? I don't want to have to
reinvent strategies which, doubtless, already exist.

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