Rsync hangs on "No space left on device" on the server side

Touretsky, Gregory gregory.touretsky at
Sun Nov 2 06:27:09 MST 2014


  We're replicating data over WAN using rsync over hpn-ssh.
In case of destination disk full, rsync on the server side exits with
                rsync: close failed on <path> : No space left on device (28)
rsync error: error in file IO (code 11) at receiver.c(731)
However, parent sshd process doesn't recognize it and remains running - keeping rsync on the source side waiting until ssh session timeout expires.
Looks like this issue was reported few times in the past (link1<>, link2<>)

Is there any known resolution?
We're using rsync 3.0.6


Intel Israel (74) Limited

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