redirect rsync's log to a log file together with other program

Tuma Wang wangtuma at
Wed Mar 26 04:00:44 MDT 2014


I'm writing a program to use rsync to do something, and I want to keep the
output of both in the same log file. My program is writing log to
/var/log/my.log via syslog() LOG_LOCAL0. I tried to use rsync's
'--log-file=/var/log/my.log' option; it seems to work to some extent, but
have some problems:

1. If I issue the rsync command directly on command line, rsync's log will
be written to both the log file and the terminal (probably stdout).

2. IF I run my own program (which invokes rsync), rsync's log/output won't
be written to the log file, but only to the terminal/stdout. I guess it's
because syslog() is also writing to this file.

How can I redirect both's log to this log file, and without sending rsync's
log to the terminal/stdout? Thanks.

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