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Robert DuToit rdutoit at comcast.net
Tue Mar 11 22:20:16 MDT 2014

Thanks Kevin,

On Mar 12, 2014, at 12:10 AM, Kevin Korb <kmk at sanitarium.net> wrote:

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> See --log-file-format  Most of the info for it is in man rsyncd.conf
> since it is mostly used by servers.

I looked in there - a bit daunting. Ideally I would just want the stdout format  with —progress -v. Maybe there are some simple examples out there.


> On 03/12/2014 12:02 AM, Robert DuToit wrote:
>> Hi All, I have a situations where I need output to a file and
>> normally would just append “&>output.log” to the rsync command line
>> but can’t do that in this situation and need to run rsync with just
>> the args via nstask. I tried the internal --log-file=File  option
>> which works except it outputs very verbosely and not the usual
>> (xfer#8, to-check=1115/1125) output I need to parse. I don’t knoiw
>> if there is any way to tweak that to the normal output in the code
>> and couldn’t see any settings relating to that.
>> On OSX 10.9 using rsync 3.0.9 and the standard osx options
>> Thanks,  Rob
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