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Sat Mar 8 07:16:00 MST 2014

Thanks Roland. I appreciate your guidance.

Thanks, Phil

 this is a linux kernel or hardware issue,  please update (if not yet done)
your system to the latest patches, especially the kernel package.

if that does not help, jump onto these bugreports or open a new one for
your distro.  (kernel.org bugtracker is typically not the best choice for
normal end-users)



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  i´m sure this is no rsync issue. i guess rsync is just triggering it.


maybe clocksource=jiffies or nohz=off  is worth a try to see if it makes a


you mean, when the hang appears, you get ping timeout from another host,
i.e. it`s not only userspace which is being locked but the kernel also
locks up completely (i.e. does not respond to ping anymore) ?


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 Hi Roland.

 On Thu, Mar 6, 2014 at 4:45 PM, <devzero at web.de> wrote:

> I cannot really follow how your setup works, can you perhaps describe it a
> little bit better?

I've tried to keep it as simple as possible considering...

Various remote hosts(running rsync daemon)
HOST A(rsync pull / backup-dir=NFS host)
HOST B(NFS export for backup-dir)
When HOST A is done pulling the data from the various hosts a second script
starts and rsync's(push) to HOST C. Every other time HOST C grabs a fresh
copy directly from the remote hosts. Of course, this part is never
automatically achieved since I'm never around to key "waking" the system
from the console. So every time I walk by I hit a key and it keeps going.

> please provide the command which works and which not.

hangs with: -avS --exclude-from=exclude.rsync --delete --backup
--backup-dir=/path/to/nfs on HOST B/date +today's date

does not hang with: -avS --exclude-from=exclude.rsync --delete --backup
--backup-dir=/path/to/local/date +today's date fs on HOST A

> so - resuming from hang is all about keypress?


> that sounds like an interrupt issue,i guess its no rsync problem but it`s
> only being triggered by rsync.

My assumption is also that it's likely not directly related to rsync. I was
thinking more NFS though.

> keep an eye on /proc/interrupts.

Interesting. Hadn't thought of that. I will.

> please post the answer to the rsync list, so others can also have a look


Question: I'm running this in cron as root. Although root can rw to the NFS
share while I'm in the console, is it somehow possible I'm encountering a
permissions issue and just not seeing a "permission denied" anywhere?
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