Problem using --debug=FUZZY[2] flags

Graham 5915 graham5915 at
Thu Mar 6 17:38:28 MST 2014


I'm having a problem trying to get the --debug flags to work with 3.1.0. I
wanted to check with the mailing list to make sure this is really a bug and
not something I'm misunderstanding.

This is what I'm running (as a test):

rsync --fuzzy --fuzzy -vv --debug=FUZZY,FUZZY2 C_VOL-b001-i3818.spi

The "dest" folder on the destination side has a file named
C_VOL-b001-i3816.spi, which is just a copy of C_VOL-b001-i3818.spi that I
made and modified in a few places with a hex editor.

I don't get any fuzzy messages when running the command that way, but it
does utilize that file. To confirm, I commented out the "if
(DEBUG_GTE(FUZZY, 2))" line in generator.c (line 767 I believe) and rebuilt
- I get the "fuzzy size/modtime match for..." in the output then as
Does this look like a bug, or am I misunderstanding the new documentation
regarding how to use the --debug flags?

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