Print files which would be transfered by rsync (when syncing two directories)

Karl-Philipp Richter krichter722 at
Mon Jun 16 06:29:04 MDT 2014

Hi together,
after I read "very often" without even a tiny bit of a contradiction, I
start to have the feeling I have a basic misunderstanding of rsync.

Assume one want to get a list of files which would have been transfered
by rsync if rsync was requested to sync directories X and Y and one does
echo "abc" > $X/1
echo "abc1" > $X/2
echo "abc" > $Y/1
echo "abc2" > $Y/2
then I'd expect rsync to update the file $Y/2 with the content of $X/2
and `rsync --dry-run --info=COPY -r -c $X $Y` should print $Y/2 (or
$X/2, this isn't part of my problem), but it prints nothing. Further
non-working solutions include:
  * `rsync --dry-run --info=COPY -r -c $X/ $Y/` # same as above with
trailing slashes
  * `rsync -avun $SOURCE $TARGET`
[] (printing
both files or nothing (with and without trailing slashes))
  * `rsync -rvnc --delete $X/ $Y/`
(basically the same as `avun`, but does the same)
  * `rsync -n $X $Y`
which seems already false by intuition as rsync doesn't display
separated file infos if not instructed to do so)

Where is my misunderstanding and if there's none, how do I get rsync to
print $X/2 (or $Y/2) in my example above?

Any help is appreciated :)

All the best,
Kalle Richter

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