Progress indication refreshes too often with --info=progress2

R. Diez rdiezmail-rsync at
Wed Jun 11 04:50:26 MDT 2014

Hi there:

I am testing rsync with a large number of small files. I am using 'tee' to keep the log, and I noticed that the log file was growing very quickly.

It seems that the progress text refreshes too often:

building file list ... 
 0 files...
 100 files...
 200 files...
 300 files...
 5.53G  95%    8.50MB/s    0:10:20 (xfr#478709, to-chk=9/537759) 
 5.53G  95%    8.50MB/s    0:10:20 (xfr#478710, to-chk=8/537759)
 5.53G  95%    8.50MB/s    0:10:20 (xfr#478711, to-chk=7/537759)
 5.53G  95%    8.50MB/s    0:10:20 (xfr#478712, to-chk=6/537759)

That's one refresh per file! I believe the user console's speed may limit rsync's performance in such scenarios.

I think the progress messages should refresh once every 500 ms at most.

  R. Diez
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