[Bug 2423] Feature Request: Ability to transfer files newer than date or file. (--newer switch).

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Wed Jun 4 00:56:28 MDT 2014


--- Comment #10 from Rainer Glaschick <rgpb at online.de> 2014-06-04 06:56:27 UTC ---
I vote for the original proposal.
Using --files-from does not work with --delete, which is absolutely correct,
but --newer could delete all files on the target that are not in the newer

I use rsync for backup to large external harddisk monthly, that is disconnected
and moved to a save place otherwise.
In between these full mirror backups, I use a small device (actually a
raspberry pi in a separate room) receiving an incremental backup of all the
files that are newer.
While in this case cleaning the incremental backup after the full backup works,
the --newer option would be better, as I am alyways reluctant erasing files on
backup devices manually.

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