Concern: rsync failing to find some attributes in a file transfer?

Paul Slootman paul+rsync at
Sat Jul 26 02:06:59 MDT 2014

On Sat 26 Jul 2014, Kevin Korb wrote:
> > I just moved my home partition to a new harddisk w/more space.
> Home Partition?  Are we in 1995?  Why would you have a partition
> mounted anywhere other than /boot ?

Didn't we just have this discussion already recently?
There are valid reasons to have separate filesystems.
My /home is encrypted, the rest isn't. I have a separate XFS filesystem
as I find that the best option for handling really large files.

The relevancy of the separate filesystem to the question isn't clear to
me either, so why bring it up?

> > my $rcmd = [$Rsync]; push( @$rcmd, qw( --8-bit-output --acls
> > --archive --hard-links --human-readable --no-inc-recursive
> > --one-file-system --prune-empty-dirs --whole-file --xattrs ), 
> > "--compare-dest=$base_lvh->fs_mp/.");

Transferring with --compare-dest? I thought that the data was being
moved from one filesystem to another, that seldomly calls for usage of
--compare-dest.  It seems to me that the perl script being used is meant
for another purpose, and it's being used inappropriately here.
Why not just use rsync directly? That way maybe we here on the mailing
list can make sense of what's actually happening. Otherwise take it up
with the author of that script.


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