question about output of files copied/deleted

Don Cohen don-rsync at
Thu Jul 17 00:24:45 MDT 2014

  > An output line like asd\#002\#003zxc could either mean a file of
  > that name or asd^B\#003zxc or asd^B^Czxc or asd\#002^Czxc

  Did you test that theory?  Give it a try and you'll discover that \#
  followed by 3 digits in a filename always encodes the backslash, so
  there is never an ambiguity in replacing \#NNN sequences in the
  output of filenames. Only full 5-char sequences are affected that
  way, so the decoding rule is as simple as:
  s/\\#(\d\d\d)/ chr(oct($1)) /eg;

I see that now.  So another question/suggestion - if you save the
output it would be nice to be able to pipe it back into rsync
as the list of files to be transferred - which would be easier if
there were a switch to do the translation above.  On the other hand
maybe there's no simple way to get just the file list as output?
I was previously ignoring the first line and stopping at an empty

BTW, I don't want to neglect the previous reply by Kevin Korb.
That was indeed very helpful after I finally figured it out.

Clearly I have to spend a lot more time reading the manual.

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