question about output of files copied/deleted

Kevin Korb kmk at
Wed Jul 16 20:11:55 MDT 2014

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The solution you are missing is that rsync can archive files itself
using either --link-dest or --backup depending on whether you want a
complete tree in the archive or not.

On 07/16/2014 09:40 PM, Don Cohen wrote:
> It seems to me that this output would be more useful if it were
> possible to uniquely translate a line of output back into a file
> path. Right now that's not possible due to the control character
> encoding. An output line like asd\#002\#003zxc could either mean a
> file of that name or asd^B\#003zxc or asd^B^Czxc or asd\#002^Czxc
> I was hoping to start with rsync -n, figure out what was going to
> be replaced or deleted, archive those files, and then use the list
> to do the rsync without the -n but not getting files that had been
> updated since the original -n -- but this ambiguity prevents that
> from working.
> Is there some solution I'm missing?
> Otherwise, what's wrong with not encoding the control characters
> on output?  I see only one problem, which is that newline
> characters would then make it ambiguous whether asd zxc was
> actually one file or two. Since there is one character that cannot
> appear in such a line of output (for ext4 at least, which is ascii
> 0), you could replace newlines with that.  Admittedly not
> portable... Perhaps there could be an argument saying how to map
> file names?

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