duplicated --itemize-changes hangs since 3.1.1pre1

Carlos Carvalho carlos at fisica.ufpr.br
Sat Jul 5 19:07:01 MDT 2014

Kevin Korb (kmk at sanitarium.net) wrote on 5 July 2014 19:58:
 >I couldn't duplicate using 3.1.1 or 3.1.1pre2 uploading to a system
 >running 3.0.9.  Both were Gentoo Linux.

Thanks for trying. As I said, it's strange because we use rsync with
dozens of upstreams but it only hangs with one site: ftp.heanet.ie.

I can try to get more info if somebody says what debug/dump options to
use. I don't have access to the server so I can only try from my side,
and I'm afraid it'll only show it's waiting for the server answer that
never arrives...

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