excluding changed or deleted files from --backup

Helmut Schweinzer hel at softpoint.de
Thu Jan 30 07:06:07 MST 2014


I use the options --backup and --backup-dir (in combination with
--delete) to backup changed or deleted files. And for each rsync I use a
different backup-dir so I keep all the deleted/changed files.

Now I have some big files (> 50GB) that change every day but I only need
one last version on my destination server. I want to have these files
synced, but I don't want to have a --backup copy of the previous version.

Is there a way to exclude files only from the --backup option (e.g.
--backup-exclude or --backup-exclude-from)?

In local rsync scripts I use to delete the files from the backup-dir
after rsync has finished. But this is difficult on a remote rsync server.

Perhaps triggering the post-xfer option for the rsync server might be a
solution. But can I inject a post-xfer script to the server?
Anyway it unnecessarily would consume resources to first make the backup
to backup-dir and the delete the files.

Is there a smarter solution?


Helmut Schweinzer

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