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Kevin Korb kmk at sanitarium.net
Mon Jan 13 13:49:14 MST 2014

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First, don't run rsync without either --times or --archive.  Without
that rsync won't copy timestamps and it won't be able to tell what is
changed when you run it again.

Second, if rsync isn't copying anything then there are 2 reasons...
1. You already have most of the files copied and it is going through
them looking for a file that needs updating
2. You are using rsync version 2 where all files had to be indexed
before it copied anything.

On 01/13/2014 03:06 PM, Perry Smith wrote:
> This is my first time to really use rsync.  I did small tests to
> get the arguments like I wanted and then kicked off the big rsync
> about 2 and a half hours ago.  So far, it has not copied over any
> files.
> The command I used is:
> rsync \ --relative \ --recursive \ --copy-links \ 
> host:/glob/that/matches/about/eighty/./directories \ 
> /local/target/dir
> The list of directories are all full of symbolic links that point
> off to NFS mounted file systems.  I don't expect it to complete
> today but I do have to stop it each day at the end of the work day.
> But it worries me that it has yet to copy over any files.
> Is it really making progress?  Or will it take this long to really
> start copying files over each day I start it?
> I expect the total amount copied to be about 400G and about 4
> million files.
> It is possible to break this up into pieces if that would help.
> Thank you for your help and advice, Perry

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