Changing path in old backups - WAS: Re: Changing permissions on existing backup source

Charles Marcus CMarcus at
Sat Jan 4 13:18:46 MST 2014

On 2014-01-01 1:12 PM, Kevin Korb <kmk at> wrote:
> The easiest solution is to just do the same chmod on the most recent
> backup before running the next backup.

Hi Kevin,

This worked perfectly, and my shiny new server is now live, so thanks 
very much.

I have a related question though...

I want to continue using my old backups, but the new server has a new 
hostname too.

So, similar to your suggestion above...

Currently, the backups snapshot dir hierarchy is:


Can I mv the hostname to the new hostname before I start the backups on 
the new server? Or will that break the older backups?

Trying to get my head round what exactly happens, but its starting to 
hurt... ;)



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