Question about rsyncing to a slightly different folder structure on target

Charles Marcus CMarcus at
Thu Jan 2 04:17:55 MST 2014

On 2014-01-01 2:02 PM, Wayne Davison <wayned at> wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 31, 2013 at 3:59 AM, Charles Marcus 
> <CMarcus at <mailto:CMarcus at>> wrote:
>     On the old server, dovecot is configured to just use
>     .../ <> for the maildirs.
>     On the target server, I want to change this to
>     .../ <>
> One thing you can do is to add a symlink on the sending side to point 
> the Maildir to '.', and then run rsync with -R --no-implied-dirs and 
> both the normal top-level dir and a path down to the Maildir/ (with 
> the trailing slash) plus an exclude of the files in the user dir and 
> the symlink itself.  For instance:
> mkdir -p /tmp/src/user
> touch /tmp/src/user/{one,two,three}
> ln -s . /tmp/src/user/Maildir
> rsync -aivR --no-implied-dirs \
>       --include='/src/user/Maildir/' --exclude='/src/user/Maildir/Maildir' \
>       --exclude='/src/user/*' \
>       /tmp/./src /tmp/./src/user/Maildir/ /tmp/dest/

Thanks Wayne... I've filed this (in my 'tips-n-tricks' folder) for 
future reference.

However, since this won't be an ongoing thing forever, I'll just keep 
things the way they are now (same layout on both), then when I'm ready 
to flip the switch, stop dovecot on the new server, do the 
transformation, change the dovecot config and start it back up.

Then all I have to do is deal with the users complaining about all of 
their folders showing up as subfolders of the Inbox, and explain to them 
how to remove the INBOX. namespace prefix in their mail client (this is 
a system that was converted some time ago from an old courier-imap setup)...


Best regards,

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