Partial file creation tripping up on aufs volume - tries to use a reserved name

OmegaPhil omegaphil at
Wed Feb 26 12:22:57 MST 2014

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On 24/02/14 18:35, Wayne Davison wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 21, 2014 at 8:14 AM, OmegaPhil <omegaphil at>
> wrote:
>> Other than ignoring the problem and using --inplace, it doesnt
>> look like I can influence how rsync names its temporary files -
>> is this worth a feature request?
> Outside of using --inplace, you can only request that rsync put its
> temp files into a different directory (--temp-dir=FOO), but that
> isn't that nice of an option to use if the temp-dir isn't on the
> same filesystem as the destination dirs (since it's best to be able
> to rename the files into place w/o copying).
> An option to change the prefix from "." to something else might be 
> reasonable.  Or you could look at the get_tmpname() function in
> receiver.c and tweak this line to use some other single character
> (e.g. ':', '_', or whatever):
> fnametmp[length++] = '.';
> That would allow you to do your copying w/o error at least.  If you
> want to make it longer than a single char, the code would need to
> change to check if the extra chars would fit w/o overflow.
> ..wayne..

Thanks for this - I did test temp-dir previously but it didnt stop the
temporary naming from being used so I ignored it - so you're
suggesting to use a different filesystem as the temp directory
location to get around the special naming? This would be fine for the
rare reserved name but as you said, with much more common big files
that would be a serious copying overhead.

Currently rsync is managed by the package system, so I don't want to
maintain a special compile just for this freak problem, but then I
don't want to bother yourselves for a feature request that in reality
boils down to one file out of over a million. I think I'll stick to
inplace until I get more examples, and then make a feature
request/hack myself.
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