rsync filter rules ignored by rsnapshot

Lorenz lorenz.wenner at
Sat Feb 15 03:08:08 MST 2014

Hello guys,

sorry for cross-posting, but imho it could be an error in my rsnapshot setup
as well as in my rsync setup. If there is a solution on one of these mailing-lists i will
post it to the other one as well. ok?

here is my question: when running rsnapshot, my exclude filter is being ignored, but i don't see why.

grep -v "#" /etc/rsnapshot-debx40.conf | grep .


config_version	1.2
snapshot_root	/media/extfp/Backup/rsnapshot-debx40/
no_create_root	1
cmd_cp		/bin/cp
cmd_rm		/bin/rm
cmd_rsync	/usr/bin/rsync
cmd_ssh	/usr/bin/ssh
cmd_logger	/usr/bin/logger
retain	daily	7
retain	weekly	4
retain	monthly	3
verbose		5
loglevel	5
logfile	/var/log/rsnapshot.log
lockfile	/var/run/
rsync_long_args	-ev --rsync-path=/home/backupuser/
exclude	"**no-backup**"
link_dest	0
rsync_numtries	1
backup	backupuser at debx40:/home/lorenz/	home/lorenz/
backup	backupuser at debx40:/etc/		etc/
backup	backupuser at debx40:/root/	root/

rsnapshot -D -c /etc/rsnapshot-debx40.conf daily

works but e.g. /home/lorenz/testsource/no-backup/some-file

is also rsynced, despite it would match the exclude pattern in my /etc/rsnapshot-debx40.conf

running the except same rsync command as printed out by rsnapshot -tD -c /etc/rsnapshot-debx40.conf daily, namely

/usr/bin/rsync -av -ev --rsync-path=/home/backupuser/     --exclude="**nobackup**" --rsh=/usr/bin/ssh     backupuser at debx40:/home/lorenz/     /media/extfp/Backup/rsnapshot-debx40/daily.0/home/lorenz/

works and e.g. /home/lorenz/testsource/no-backup/some-file is really excluded.

after hours of fiddling around with filter rules i finally tried using an exclude-from file and it worked perfectly. Could the failing of the attempt with exclude filters in /etc/rsnapshot-debx40.conf be a bug? could this misbehavior be related to the problem i posted some days ago (see "[rsnapshot-discuss] wondering why backup wont start" or "/usr/bin/ssh not found when rsync is executed within rsnapshot" on the rsync mailing-list)?


keep rockin

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