[Bug 5124] Parallelize the rsync run using multiple threads and/or connections

Jason Haar Jason_Haar at trimble.com
Mon Feb 10 17:01:52 MST 2014

On 26/01/14 18:03, L.A. Walsh wrote:
> But multiple TCP connections are not used to load a single picture. 
> They are used
> for separate items on the page.  A single TCP stream CAN be very fast
> and rsync
> isn't close to hitting that limit.
> The proof?   Using 1Gb connections, smb/cifs could get 125MB/s writes and
> 119MB/s reads -- the writes were at "theoretical speeds" and were
> faster, because
> the sender doesn't have to wait for the ACKs with a large window size.

A bit late but I'll add my 2c worth.

bbcp - multi-tcp/threaded application. Completely nails rsync when
transferring over high-bandwidth/high-latency links


Like bittorrent, it establishes multiple TCP channels between a bbcp
client and server, and I guess has a parent process that tells each
child what part of the directory structure/data stream it is responsible
for, and joins it all up at the other end

I have tested rsync over a 100Mbs continental link and am lucky to get
10Mbs. Using bbcp with 4-6 channels, I can get 40-50Mbs (that's on a
link with other real traffic on it - so it may have actually got
80-90Mbs byt itself for all I know)


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