Rsync performance with large exchange database files

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Rsync is known to be pretty inefficient on local copies (-W is forced
there btw) and cygwin doesn't really help with that either.
Essentially, when not networking rsync isn't much smarter than cp but
it has a ton of extra overhead.

Also, maybe you want unison since there is a native Windows version of it?

On 02/10/2014 05:05 PM, bruce at wrote:
> Clean copy. I even used the -W flag to see if it made a difference
> but, nope.
> I'm testing this same test on some of my other servers too. See if 
> there's any common-ground I can find.
> On another servers (MS SQL Server) with faster disks I tried a
> similar test just now. There's only the C drive on this server but
> I used my same test file from the other server and used rsync
> (3.1.0) to copy the folder from one folder to another folder and it
> kicked off and got up to about 25MB/sec. Thing is if I just use
> windows to copy the same file from one folder to the other it does
> the whole file (3.7GB) in about 5.5 seconds (timed with my phone)
> so that's also a pretty massive difference.
> Maybe this is normal and I've just not noticed it on these other
> servers since they have a much smaller amount of data to backup?
> Still seems like some thing is wrong. I wouldn't expect the speed
> difference to be that huge.
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> PM Subject: Re: Rsync performance with large exchange database
> files
>> when you were doing rsync from /cygdrive/c to /cygdrive/d was
>> the exchange file already there? Or was it clean copy?
>> On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 4:03 PM, <bruce at> wrote:
>>> Okay, so I've done some testing..
>>> I created a roughly 4gb file from one of the smaller exchange
>>> database files.
>>> If I copy that to remotely to my desktop, I get about
>>> 45-50MB/sec read speed off the D (exchange database) drive. If
>>> I copy that back to the C drive (just the OS) for the Windows
>>> server it writes to the C drive at almost 100MB/sec over the
>>> network.
>>> If I copy directly from the server D drive to it's C drive
>>> using windows it's around 45MB/sec
>>> Inside cygwin using just the copy command I get about
>>> 35-45MB/sec transfer speed so there's a little hit just from
>>> cygwin.
>>> Using rsync to "sync" the file from the D drive to the C drive
>>> with the --progress option. I'm getting about 2-2.5MB/sec
>>> transfer speed
>>> The server is being used... So I've run the tests a few times 
>>> thoughout the last hour or so and these are about my average
>>> numbers.
>>> Why would rsync be so much slower? Is there something I can
>>> test to help figure this out? I'm using rsync on a couple dozen
>>> Windows servers and it's been working great so I'm not sure why
>>> this one is acting weird.
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>>> 10:57:08 AM Subject: Re: Rsync performance with large exchange
>>> database files
> 3.1.0 will probably help some.
> What are the specs of the FreeBSD system? I have found that ZFS on 
> FreeBSD is extremely RAM hungry. In my experience 8GB of RAM is
> the minimum if dedup is disabled and 16BG of RAM for when dedup is
>>>>> enabled.
> Also, a cache disk helps a lot.
> On 02/10/2014 10:22 AM, bruce at wrote:
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>>>>>> <mailto:rsync at> Sent: 2/10/2014 8:38:06 AM
>>>>>> Subject: Rsync performance with large exchange database
>>>>>> files
>>>>>>> I'm using a mixture of FreeBSD w/ ZFS+snapshots and
>>>>>>> rsync to backup all the servers at my day job. This
>>>>>>> works pretty good overall but on one server it's not
>>>>>>> working so well :)
>>>>>>> We have an Exchange 2003 server with 4 separate mail
>>>>>>> store databases. One of them is roughly 900GB the
>>>>>>> others are ~200GB, ~160GB, and ~50GB. Rsync seems to
>>>>>>> spend a lot of time trying to find the differences in
>>>>>>> the files. On the Windows server where rsync is kicked
>>>>>>> off there's very little CPU or RAM usage for the rsync
>>>>>>> client. On the server rsync (rsyncd, no ssh) is using 
>>>>>>> around 70-85% of a cpu (well, half a cpu due to hyper
>>>>>>> threading). I'm using VSS on the windows server to take
>>>>>>> a snapshot and expose it then running rsync from that
>>>>>>> to avoid locking issues.
>>>>>>> Is there anything I should check to help narrow down
>>>>>>> "problems?" or any settings I should try that could
>>>>>>> help speed things up any?
>>>>>>> Below is the final output of the last two rsync runs to
>>>>>>> give you an idea. It's taking 30-40+ hours to finish
>>>>>>> even though it's only transferring 80-160GB of change.
>>>>>>> Right now I'm testing this against a local rsync server
>>>>>>> so it should get pretty fast network performance.
>>>>>>> Eventually it will be moved to our off-site backup but
>>>>>>> that connection is still pretty fast (20 MBbit) and
>>>>>>> the backup is only hitting 800-1000 Kbytes/sec.
>>>>>>> Number of files: 19 Number of files transferred: 6
>>>>>>> Total file size: 1265.74G bytes Total transferred file
>>>>>>> size: 1057.06G bytes Literal data: 160.67G bytes
>>>>>>> Matched data: 896.39G bytes File list size: 482 File
>>>>>>> list generation time: 0.001 seconds File list transfer
>>>>>>> time: 0.000 seconds Total bytes sent: 160.71G Total 
>>>>>>> bytes received: 73.74M
>>>>>>> sent 160.71G bytes received 73.74M bytes 991.84K
>>>>>>> bytes/sec total size is 1265.74G speedup is 7.87
>>>>>>> [sender] _exit_cleanup(code=0, 
>>>>>>> file=/home/lapo/package/rsync-3.0.9-1/src/rsync-3.0.9/main.c,
line=1052): about to call exit(0)
>>>>>>> real 2833m1.324s user 2225m55.906s sys 45m10.015s
>>>>>>> Number of files: 11 Number of files transferred: 6
>>>>>>> Total file size: 1268.78G bytes Total transferred file
>>>>>>> size: 1251.04G bytes Literal data: 83.43G bytes Matched
>>>>>>> data: 1167.61G bytes File list size: 216 File list
>>>>>>> generation time: 1.360 seconds File list transfer time:
>>>>>>> 0.000 seconds Total bytes sent: 83.48G Total bytes 
>>>>>>> received: 87.25M
>>>>>>> sent 83.48G bytes received 87.25M bytes 836.85K
>>>>>>> bytes/sec total size is 1268.78G speedup is 15.18
>>>>>>> real 1745m5.647s user 1129m14.000s sys 39m58.875s
>>>>>>> Thanks (in advance) for the help :)
>>>>>> rsync options I'm using on the client are : -rltihv
>>>>>> --progress --stats --inplace --modify-window=1
>>>>>> On the windows client I'm using cygwin + rsync 3.0.9 but
>>>>>> I'm going to test 3.1.0 there and see if there's a
>>>>>> difference.
>>>>>> On the server it's rsync 3.1.0 running rsyncd.
>>>>>> Perhaps useful bit of information :).
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