Feature Request: don't sync if it would result in more than NUM deletions.

Kevin Korb kmk at sanitarium.net
Tue Feb 4 22:32:40 MST 2014

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You could do a --dry-run with --max-deletes and check for exit code
25.  Then only do the real run if not exit code 25.

On 02/05/2014 12:00 AM, Daniel Mare wrote:
> As a safety feature, I would like to see a feature that would
> prevent rsync from syncing when the sync, if it were to go ahead,
> would result in more than a certain number of files being deleted
> from the destination.
> A similar feature, --max-delete, does exist, but does not prevent
> rsync from doing a partial run when --max-delete entries would be
> exceeded - it simply deletes up to that amount of files.
> In scheduled scripts, this would result in damage being done a bit
> at a time at each run, so not really a safety feature and
> additionally, even if problem caught after only one run, it still
> means the clone is in an unknown state (at least without processing
> thousands of log delete entries).
> A workaround I considered was doing a dry-run first, then only
> proceeding with the rsync when the dry-run doesn't exit with exit
> codes 25, but this is extremely inefficient - completely
> impractical for e.g. syncing large data stores overnight (4Tb in my
> case).
> I suspect there would be reasonable demand for and use of this
> feature by others.

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