Bugg when using Extended Attributes flag -X

Sun_Blood sblood at gmail.com
Sun Feb 2 08:22:31 MST 2014


I found that using rsync on OS X can give some problems when it comes to Extended Attributes (-X flag).

The server I use has Ubuntu with the filesystem XFS and I am trying to backup a OS X system to it. The problem is as far as I understand it that Linux Kernel has a liming on 64k för Extended Attributes and OS X don’t have this limit.

Some error output.
rsync: rsync_xal_set: lsetxattr(""/srv/danne/extern2/1000_EXT/2013/2013-03-05/IMG_6872-Edit.tif"","user.com.apple.ResourceFork") failed: Argument list too long (7)

Error 2
rsync: rsync_xal_set: lsetxattr(""/srv/nas/home/apple_bak_rsync/xxxxx/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Database/BigBlobs.apdb"","user.com.apple.FinderInfo") failed: Operation not permitted (1)

Both this errors will go away if removing the -X flag from rsync.

What I would like to see is a feature in rsync that checks the destination operation system environment and if it can’t handle the size of the EA being transferred then stores the EA information in a separate file.


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