Re[2]: --link-dest --inplace updates files without unlinking. What to do?

Askar Safin safinaskar at
Fri Dec 26 19:56:55 MST 2014

>I mean instead of having --link-dest=previous_backup and the target
>being empty (or starting that way in your case) you cp -al the
>prevous_backup to the new "incomplete" one.  Now you have a tree full
>of all hard links.  Now you can rsync to the target without any
>- --link-dest reference.
I meant the same.

>You are right about the other options except
>that you would now need --delete as well.
I have --delete-after.

>Rsync will replace updated
>files as you described earlier, change the metadata on the existing
>links as I described earlier, add the new files, and delete the hard
>links cp made which are no longer needed.
Okey, I will stick with --link-dest, thanks a lot.

>So, maybe I
>have extra copies of some php, html, and jpg files but I know how they
>were at the time they were backed up.
You can still do "cp -al" and backup "ls -lR" or "find -ls" output. :)

Askar Safin
Kazan, Russia

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