rsync not copy all information for font file

Bryan Pliatsios bryan.pliatsios at
Thu Dec 18 14:31:13 MST 2014

  As Roland mentions in his other email, you should investigate and understand the way netatalk works.

  I think at this point it’s best that you get assistance from the Netatalk community, as this appears not to be an rsync issue. <>  (v3 does not use Appledouble, so you must be on v2.x) <>


> On 19 Dec 2014, at 1:44 am, Ram Ballu <ram at> wrote:
> Il giorno 18/dic/2014, alle ore 12.36, bryan.pliatsios ha scritto:
>> Ram,
>>  Look inside the .AppleDouble folder and tou will find the resource forks that hold the main part of the font data.
> Thanks Bryan for your kind suggestion, but i have no idea how to use .AppleDouble file, if you can provide some link or idea about this?
>>  Not a 'problem' with netatalk, but just how netatalk works so that it can represent apple files on non-apple filesystems.
>>   If you confirm the data all matches, this will prove rsync is working properly.
> yes rsync working properly.
>>  Bryan

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