[Bug 10636] Feature request: Show current source path on receipt of Posix signal

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Sat Dec 13 15:32:01 MST 2014


--- Comment #1 from Shawn Heisey <samba at elyograg.org> ---
I really like this idea.  I'm using rsync extensively during a storage
migration, as it's the only tool that can quickly and effectively synchronize a
source tree to a destination tree when there are periodic changes to the source
tree.  I've had so many rsyncs (in screen) going over the last few months that
I can practically do it in my sleep ... and when you're synchronizing millions
of files in a provider subdirectory, it takes quite a while, and it would be
really nice to be able to hit a key or send a signal and have it tell you what
source file it just did a stat on.

This is perhaps not exactly the correct place for this next comment, but it's
the only place I have at the moment:  Thank you to everyone who made rsync

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