Aw: rsync not copy all information for font file

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Fri Dec 12 03:27:58 MST 2014

you mean, rsync "silently" creates 0kb sized files and only a special type of file shows this behaviour?

try increasing rsync verbosity with "-v" , delete the 0kb files and retry. you can send the output of rsync to this list if it`s not too long if you don`t get a clue from that. mind that it may contain private information.

you should also omit "-z" because it makes no sense for local transfer. you do not want compression here, because it slows things down and burns cpu for nothing.


i`m no native english speaker, but i think your english is quite ok.

> Gesendet: Freitag, 12. Dezember 2014 um 10:44 Uhr
> Von: "Ram Ballu" <ram at>
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> Betreff: rsync not copy all information for font file
> Good morning list, 
> this is my first question and hope really to get an answer, sorry for my bad english :-(
> Ok so i have a machine with ubuntu and use as data server for my graphics works. 
> Now i am trying to backup my folder on an external HDD using "rsync" where i save all my data file (file of graphics software, image, font etc.).
> For this i mount HDD in local and launch command "rsync  -avz  source_folder  destination_folder.
> I notice that in backup copy font file have zero kb size rather than 25-60 kb in source folder and i can't use the font from backup folder as it results zero kb.
> Can someone help me to solve this issue.
> Thanks in advance to all for reading this and spend your time.
> Ram
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